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Friday, February 14, 2014

I didn't expect to see Harima-san today. He brought some chocolates over for me and nee-san. He brought some roses too. He said that they were just casual gifts. As for the chocolates, isn't it the other way around? Girls are supposed to give chocolates on Valentine's Day. He said that he just wanted to see how we were doing since it's been a long time we've seen each other. I'm glad that Harima-san looks well. He looks neat and sharp too. He said that he's been traveling everywhere, that's why he's been quite elusive.

After giving us his gift, I asked him to stay longer, but he said that he had an appointment today somewhere else. I think it was embarrassing if we just let him go without even offering him anything. I felt really happy to see him. I'd be a bit concerned that he'd only drive here on his motorcycle just to drop the chocolates. So in the midst of his way out, again, my mind responded back that we were supposed to give him some chocolates. When I asked if he could stay a little longer, he apologized and that he's only there to bring the chocolates and the flowers over. He told us not to worry about anything.

Feeling bad, I blurted out, "I'm free Sunday, Harima-san!" It felt really funny afterwards, because there was no reason for me to tell him that at all. It's random, isn't it? But I feel like I wanted to spend some time with him. But why, right? Spend time with him? For what reason?

"C-cool. I'll meet you here?" I can tell that he's also wondering why. But more importantly-- I can't believe it that we're going to meet on Sunday. There is no reason for us to meet, but I wanted to spend time with him. It's always fun when we talk about different things.

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Please don't apologize, Harima-san!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Ittai!" I tried to limp my way to the swing. I hurt my ankle during a volleyball practice. My ankle felt fine at first. I was able to walk going home, but on my way, I felt a streak of pain on my ankle. I almost lost my balance. I looked at the playground and the bench was farther so I hopped onto the swing instead. I tried to wait for a while but when I was about to stand up, it hurt. I looked at my cellphone and it was dead. I seriously thought I might be stuck on the playground. There was nobody on the street.

Then from out of nowhere I could hear a motorcycle. I looked up and I saw Harima-san pass by on his motorcycle. "Harima-san!" I yelled. But his motorcycle was very loud and he just drove by. I thought maybe he didn't hear me. I felt a bit scared afterwards. He might have been my last chance to go home. So I tried to stand up and perhaps hop my way back home. Just then before I was about to hop, I saw Harima-san park his motorcycle. He came back.

"I- imouto-san? Are you okay? What happened to you?" He hopped off his bike instead. "I thought I heard someone call my name and so I went back around." Harima-san heard me?

"My ankle..." I uttered. Then Harima-san interrupted.

"Did you hurt your leg?" I nodded. "Let's get you to the hospital first."

"I-iie. I'm fine, Harima-san. I just need a little bit of help going home."

"No way. Let's get it check first okay?"

Then he helped me on his bike. "H- hold on to me tight, okay?"

"M- Mhmm."

I had my ankle checked and the sprain was more serious than I thought. I'm wearing a cast right now. Neesan might be really worried right now. When I came back home, Neesan was really mad.

"I know that you're a grown up now, Yakumo, but I was very worried when you didn't call. Harima-kun, you should've called me as well!"

"T- Tsukamoto-san, I'm sorry, I brought her to the clinic first because it looked like she hurt her leg."

"Harima-san! You don't have to apologize." I said. "I hurt my leg, and Harima-san helped me go home. "Neesan, my cellphone ran out of battery."

"That looks painful." Neesan said.

"Well, I must go now. Sorry, Tsukamoto-san."

"Harima-san, please don't apologize. You somehow saved my life back there." I said.

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