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Yakumo is the shy younger sister of Tsukamoto Tenma. She is withdrawn unlike her loud and childish older sister.

Yakumo was born with a variety of gifts. Not only she is able to read the thoughts of boys who like her, but further in the story it is shown that she also has the ability to communicate with ghosts.

She also has innate fighting skills, despite her calm demeanor, and has put such skills in use in a few occasions such as against Hanai, when she read a bad thought from him about Tenma and when he tried to kiss her while she was sleeping.

Skilled, reliable, smart, and beautiful, Yakumo is one of the most admired girls in the school. Regardless of the fact, she has never had a boyfriend. This is due mostly to her mind-reading ability, as she can easily read the secret intentions of any boy who tries to approach her. The only exception is Harima, whose heart belongs completely to another girl; thus, his mind is completely opaque to her.

Although she has some difficulty socializing with other teens and adults, Yakumo can easily interact with children, take for example Harima's younger brother Shuuji, quickly gaining their trust and affection.

Yakumo has a fondness for animals like Harima and she becomes friends with him because of his caring nature towards her cat, Iori.

Yakumo proofreads Harima's manga for him and helps keep his manga writing hobby a secret.

Though both sisters live in the same house, Yakumo is the one who does most of the household chores and is likely more mature than his older sister because Tenma is a complete failure in the kitchen and at almost everything else. However, Yakumo doesn't care as she knows her older sister is one of the few people who truly cares about her. She is also a member of the Tea Club together with her friend Sara.

Harima usually calls Yakumo with an alternate nickname "Imouto-san" (Little sister).

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